WUZZUF is the future of job boards where advanced matching algorithms analyze jobs and Talent Profiles to produce real-time recommendations for employers and job seekers.

In Wuzzuf, candidates create what we call Talent Profiles (TPs) instead of uploading their CVs. TPs are more structured and visual than CVs making them easier to read and easier to use for matching with jobs. Intelligent matching algorithms then match TPs with jobs from employers to produce job recommendations for job seekers and candidate recommendations for employers. Both job seekers and employers no longer need to search for each other… we do this on their behalf to save them time and frustration.

Wuzzuf has a unique business model that’s different from other traditional online job boards where employers have to make their payment upfront to access a database of CVs or post a job without knowing if they will get quality candidates or not.

The following steps show the process for employers who are looking to hire using Wuzzuf:
  1. Post jobs for FREE (zero-risk)
  2. Instantly get candidate recommendations for FREE
  3. See recommended candidates and applicant profiles without contact details for FREE
  4. View candidates sorted automatically by our system according to their match score for FREE
  5. View matching details for each profile and make sure he/she is the right fit for FREE
  6. Pay to unlock full Talent Profile details ONLY when they are convinced they have the right candidate.
Go to WUZZUF to test the system and share with us your feedback.

FORASNA is Egypt’s first and most reliable database for the part of the workforce with primary/middle education (blue collars) in the Middle East. It also serves highly educated job seekers (white collars) searching for jobs that don’t require knowledge of any language other than Arabic.

FORASNA has the first organized and systematic database and platform that focus on connecting blue collars with employers: helping job seekers get the right job and helping companies hire suitable candidates in an easy and smart way.

Blue collars represent 66.8% of the total active labor force in Egypt. Not only that but also there is remarkable supply and demand in that market without a single platform to tackle its issues. The lack of proper connection channels between the job seekers and employers in this market at scale contributes to this problem. All of this coupled with the fact that this segment has a high unemployment rate of 12.5%* demonstrates the significance of the problem.

That was until FORASNA was launched. FORASNA is a smart connection that connects job seekers with companies looking to hire, using an easy and ingenious solution for businesses to fulfill their recruitment needs, by providing different plans and packages that suit diverse requirements.

Go to FORASNA to test the system and share with us your feedback.


*According to the latest labor force report from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics