WUZZUF is the future of job boards where advanced matching algorithms analyze jobs and Talent Profiles to produce real-time recommendations for employers and job seekers.

In Wuzzuf, candidates create what we call Talent Profiles (TPs) instead of uploading their CVs. TPs are more structured and visual than CVs making them easier to read and easier to use for matching with jobs. Intelligent matching algorithms then match TPs with jobs from employers to produce job recommendations for job seekers and candidate recommendations for employers. Both job seekers and employers no longer need to search for each other… we do this on their behalf to save them time and frustration.

Wuzzuf has a unique business model that’s different from other traditional online job boards where employers have to make their payment upfront to access a database of CVs or post a job without knowing if they will get quality candidates or not.

The following steps show the process for employers who are looking to hire using Wuzzuf:
  1. Post jobs for FREE (zero-risk)
  2. Instantly get candidate recommendations for FREE
  3. See recommended candidates and applicant profiles without contact details for FREE
  4. View candidates sorted automatically by our system according to their match score for FREE
  5. View matching details for each profile and make sure he/she is the right fit for FREE
  6. Pay to unlock full Talent Profile details ONLY when they are convinced they have the right candidate.
Go to WUZZUF to test the system and share with us your feedback.
Spring Talent Management

Spring Talent Management (Spring TM) is the ultimate job board engine used to develop custom job boards for niche segments and industries.

While Wuzzuf is a generic job board, Spring TM the engine behind is used to support specialized job boards serving specific segments or groups, which means more relevant data to be used in matching job seekers and jobs. Criteria which only apply to specific segments and industries are added to Talent Profiles of candidates to make job matching much more accurate. For example, a job board for the oil and gas industry asks candidates about their physical fitness or swimming ability. These are criteria which you don’t see in a generic job board

In addition, niche job boards built using Spring TM can be preloaded with industry related certification data and their different importance or weights. Common job roles can also be preloaded with their standard job descriptions and required skills.

To know more about Spring TM solutions or to request a quotation for building a custom job board in a specific industry or location email us at: spring[at]


WiseRec is an online careers section for SMEs sold on a SaaS model with features to collect and screen applications. It's the practical online recruitment tool for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

WiseRec is a readymade hiring solution offered to employers on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a small monthly subscription fee. It is very easy for organizations to create their own careers section in under 5 minutes. It enables organizations to post their vacancies online and job seekers submit their applications. WiseRec helps clients avoid the frustration and time waste associated with opening and reviewing hundreds of emailed CVs. Organizations without a website also have access to WiseRec as they can simply ask jobseekers to post applications on their careers page hosted on our servers.

For recruiters in SMEs who still receive applicant CVs in their email inbox, WiseRec is a dream come true.

Why WiseRec?

  • Fast and easy set-up.
  • Affordable and convenient pricing plans for companies of all sizes.
  • Get a customized color theme to match your company website in no-time
  • Post new vacancies easily and quickly for free. Instead of paying for each job post in job boards or in newspapers.
  • Define skills and other criteria to be used for ranking candidates against each other.
  • Add comments and ratings to each applicant easily.
  • Get found easily through search engines (SEO)
  • Fast and easy job seeker online application.
  • Tools for managing and screening applicants instead of having your email inbox overloaded with CVs
  • Efficiently screen and filter thousands of applicant CVs
  • Save money by reducing man power needed to manually screen and filter CVs